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Q: Why are your prices higher than other places?

Yes, our prices are higher compared to some other places. However, we must consider the following:

Our competitors charge between $30 and $50 per lesson with 5 – 20 children in each class. If the class is 2hrs long, you really could be paying up to $50 for only about 20mins of the tutor’s time. And that is also considering that the tutor gives any individual attention to the students at all!

On the other hand, for the same 2hr lesson, we charge $120 (in-home, Year K-10). But the student will be getting the full 120mins of the tutor’s undivided attention in the most comfortable environment! The tutor will be able to spend all this time working patiently with your child and really helping him to understand the basics, not rushing through a set lesson plan.

Our prices are higher, but only on a superficial level. You get much higher VALUE for your money. Think of it as investing in your child’s future!


Q: Do you do 1hr in home lessons for individual tuition?

Unfortunately, we do not offer 1hr in home lessons. The reason for this is that it may take a bit of time for our tutors to travel to your location. To make it worthwhile for them, we have a minimum of 1.5hrs for in home lessons.

If you would like a 1hr lesson, please consider our on premise offering! We have three fantastic centres in the North Shore, Inner West and Hills District areas and you will get the exact same individualised tutoring.

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