School Holiday Fun

Introducing our new and exciting class for children 2 to 5 years that is designed to help children learn, be creative, use their imagination, socialise and develop through play.

What Do We Do?

All lessons are carefully planned by our experienced staff and developmentally appropriate. Each class will foster your child's cognitive, sensory, creative, social, gross and fine motor skills vital for their development. Weekly classes are structured to revolve around a different theme (e.g. the jungle, under the sea, rainbows, etc.) therefore exposing children to a new story, craft and music each week. This ensures little attention spans are kept engaged as we all move through each activity together.

Story Time

big books ~ small books ~ popup books ~ noisy books ~ action books ~ puppets ~ dress ups

Story time is a wonderful time that will involve either simply sitting and listening to a story or participating to make a story come to life! It is a chance for the children to use their imagination, learn new words, numbers, colours and concepts. Children will work on such skills as sitting, cooperating, concentrating, following instructions, answering questions, observing and participating.


Music and Movement

instruments ~ music ~ dress ups ~ props ~ yoga ~ dance ~ sing

An opportunity for children to use their voice and bodies to express themselves! This is a time for children to dance and learn new exciting songs and get their bodies moving. Benefits: Children will work on their gross motor skills, balancing, jumping, throwing, twirling and expressing themselves through movement, not to mention exercising their bodies and getting all the wiggles out. A great chance to play new instruments, use props along with music and sing sing sing!


Art and Craft

paint ~ glue ~ cut ~ print ~ draw ~ colour ~ create

An opportunity to discover and develop their inner artist, use their imagination and get messy! With access to a variety of materials such as ribbons, buttons, sponges, cellophane, leaves, stamps, play dough and of course paints, pencils and crayons, children will be encouraged to explore and imagine, problem solve, ask question and enjoy using the different materials. The focus is more on the creative process rather than the end product. Children should feel happy and proud of the finished product that they put so much work into! This improves their fine motor, sensory and creative skills.


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